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7 years ago I undertook a daring journey and set the record as the first woman in history to have circumnavigated the entire African continent, on a motorcycle, on my own. 

I've always been a fairly adventurous person. But this journey was scarier than anything I had ever attempted before. 

So why do it? 

Out of pure desperation. I have suffered from mental illness since I was just a little girl and I felt so incredibly tired of STRUGGLING. Struggling with crippling social anxiety and soul-destroying depression. Tired of wanting to take my own life just so the pain would go away. So I took on the biggest, scariest challenge I could think of. 

Did it cure me of mental illness? No. 
But it taught me that I am so much more than the things I struggle with. It was a year, and 45 000 kilometers of self-discovery and self-therapy like no other. But conquering my fears doesn't mean my struggles just magically disappeared. 

Three years ago I attempted to take my own life and very nearly got it right. It was this event that lead me to discover my true purpose in life. I realized that I have so much knowledge and experience with mental ill-health and a deep understanding of what it means to be afflicted by mental illness. But above all, a deep desire to help others by sharing that knowledge and experience. 

Now, I coach people all over the world. I've started a Non-Profit organization with the aim to raise awareness around this pertinent topic by way of
1). Lobbying for mental health education to be made mandatory in schools throughout South Africa. (Visit and sign our petition here) 2). Making mental health information, tools and resources freely available on our website. (www.mentalhealth4all.net) and 3). Raising funds and awareness through our annual Suicide Prevention Awareness march.

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Funds raised go toward:

  • Providing online coaching to people in need who cannot afford it.

  • Ongoing writing and publishing of online mental health resources.

  • Driving our Petition on Change.Org to have mental health education implemented in schools.

  • Resources for providing the very best information on mental health issues on our NPO's website. 

  • Ongoing training. 

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