this is me

Jo Rust Online Life Coach.jpg

Hi! I'm Jo. 

I am a world-record-holding adventurer, author of my own book, international speaker, international trainer/coach, and a member of the MENSA high IQ society. My superpowers are pattern recognition, problem-solving, and helping you overcome your own challenges in order to live your best life. 

My greatest passion in life is to share all my knowledge and experience with you, and in doing so equip you with some life-changing tools that you can implement into your daily life. 

I've been a trainer/coach for the last 6 years to clients from all over the world. I LOVE what I do and get a kick out of seeing others succeed. 

I cannot miraculously cure you or make all your problems disappear. But what I CAN do is make you a promise that I will help you find solutions for any problems you might have, equip you with the information and tools to help you overcome these problems, and grow into the person you've always dreamed of becoming. 

It's not easy, but it is absolutely worth it!

let's do this!