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The Ultimate Guide For Understanding & Coping With Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Have you ever experienced suddenly being overcome with anxiety at work, and you don't know what to do other than hide in the bathroom?

Have you ever experienced a panic attack hit you from nowhere in a grocery store, and it felt like you're having a heart attack or like you're about to die?

Have you ever experienced your heart rate suddenly increasing, your palms getting all sweaty, feeling like the walls are closing in on you, feeling like you cannot breathe?

Have you ever wished that someone would teach you how to cope with all of these symptoms?

Then This Book Is For YOU!

And It Costs Less Than ONE Therapy Session
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Gain a deeper understanding of what anxiety is and where it comes from

Learn the difference between anxiety attacks and panic attacks

Delve into one of the most successful frameworks for coping with anxiety & panic attacks

Learn how to rewire your thoughts with over 30 different scientifically proven & evidence-based tools and exercises

This e-book has an easy-to-follow, step-by-step layout that you can take with you anywhere you go!

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The difference between normal anxiety & anxiety disorders

Different types of anxiety disorders

Anxiety attacks vs Panic attacks

Treatment options for anxiety

Rewiring automatic negative thoughts

Understanding your personal sensory profile

Mindfulness & Grounding techniques

Communicating effectively

Regulating your emotions

Mindfulness meditation for anxiety


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Explained

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Explained

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90 pages and over 30 exercises for you to work though at your own pace.

All for only US$15

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