do   you   struggle   with

A lack of productivity due to having zero energy?

Feeling stuck with no real motivation in life?

Mental illness can affect every aspect of your life in a very big way. You might feel like you can't talk to anyone about the things you struggle with out of fear of being judged or criticised as 'weak', or a 'burden', or 'seeking attention'.

Unfortunately, there are still many people in the world who do not understand mental illness and they can sometimes be very insensitive about your struggles.

Suffering from mental illness does not make you weak or a burden. It does not mean there is anything 'wrong' with you. 



Seeking help when you need it is very brave and you are worthy of understanding and support.

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stigma, shmigma 

After doing extensive research, I've come to realize two things:


1. In general, as a society, we have grown and become more open and accepting of talking about mental health. But not so much about MENTAL ILLNESS.

We are more comfortable talking about ways to maintain our mental health. Butt still find it very uncomfortable talking about mental illness openly. Talk about implementing yoga to help maintain your mental health - YES! Talk about what it feels like to be suicidal - "Everyone has left the building".


2. The only way we can change this is if we start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and start having the tough conversations.


I know this is easier said than done. But the only way to start is to take the first step.

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start." -
Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music


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ABOUT 76% - 85%

Of serious mental illness cases go untreated in developing countries. 35% - 50% in developed countries. (According to Clubhouse International)
That's A LOT of people who will sadly never get the help they need.

The reason? We feel ashamed, don't we? 
Generally, we live in a society that believes that being diagnosed with a mental illness means there's something wrong with you. That you're unstable. That you're weak. That you're incapable..

This is of course not true AT ALL. In fact, dealing with mental illness on a daily basis and asking for help when you need it takes a lot of strength and courage!

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the   struggle   is   very   real   and   you   deserve   HELP