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4 Questions to Solve Any Problem

I don’t know about you but I feel like these days we face more problems than ever before. Maybe it’s just because the world has gone all topsy turvy these last two years since the novel Coronavirus was introduced into our lives. Or maybe it’s just because, along with the Coronavirus, I have been facing a seemingly endless amount of problems that need solving right now in my life.

Like the saying goes: “where your attention goes, energy flows.” Nowadays we’re bombarded with sources whose prime goal is to strike fear into our hearts with bad news on a daily basis. This is mainly why I’ve stopped watching or reading any news. If I want to know what’s going on in the world, I’ll search for the specific topic I’m curious about or interested in.

How often are you truly aware of the effects that your environment has on you? Whether it be a toxic friend that you just never seem to be able to say no to, or that narcissistic boss of yours, or watching the news or ads on a daily basis that subtly program you to go get those five burgers because you deserve a treat!

Yes, you absolutely do deserve a treat. But is that the treat you really want? Will it leave you feeling fulfilled, or disappointed in yourself?

There are many things we do not have control over in this world, but we have free will. And free will means exercising your ability to CHOOSE.

CHOOSE who you want to be. CHOOSE what you want to accomplish. CHOOSE who gets to be in your life. CHOOSE whether to allow someone to affect your feelings or not. CHOOSE to foster healthy habits, or not. CHOOSE to binge-watch hours of your favorite series’, or throw an educational documentary in there as well. Or even better, learn something new for free on Youtube!

No matter the area of your life you’d like to spend more time working on, here are FOUR questions that can help you ponder and figure out just about any problem you might be facing:

  1. Select one area in your life that you’d really like to get better results in and describe what this life area is currently like for you? (The good, the bad, the positives, and the negatives)

  2. Describe how the quality of your thinking, your emotions, habits, or beliefs have impacted the results that you’re currently getting in this life area?

  3. State exactly what you DO WANT to achieve in this specific life area?

  4. What’s the very first step that you must take TODAY to start getting closer to what you DO WANT in this specific life area?

Give it a go. Write down these four questions then take some time to really think about each question. It really is a very helpful tool that can help guide you to making better decisions.

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