Jo Rust is one of the world’s most prominent female adventurers. In 2011 she set out to become the first woman in history to circumnavigate the African continent on her own. No support. No back up vehicles. A story she shares in Woman Alone Around Africa – a tale of courage and overcoming the seemingly impossible.

First Jo attempted to travel around Africa on her bicycle, she made it all the way to northern Angola, 3500 kilometers away from home, until her bicycle was stolen by 4 machete-wielding men. Then, in a miraculous turn of events the Angolan government steps in to become the main sponsor of Jo’s journey as she starts all over again, this time on a motorcycle, even though she had never ridden a motorcycle before.

Woman Alone Around Africa is about so much more than just an epic adventure. It’s about the people in Jo’s life who helped make her dream a reality and the life changing experiences had along the way. It’s about having enough courage to do something even when you are afraid and overcoming crippling fear and a life-long battle against depression to achieve something extraordinary.

Book - Woman Alone Around Africa (US$10)

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