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Jo Rust is a motivational speaker, world record holder, author, member of the Mensa High IQ Society, and mental health coach. 


As a motivational speaker, Jo has been inspiring audiences from all walks of life, both locally and internationally over the last eight years through sharing her remarkably inspiring talks on the topics of resilience, compassionate leadership, and the importance of maintaining one’s mental health. 


She holds the world record as the first woman in history to have circumnavigated the entire African continent on a motorcycle, solo. A remarkable feat that saw her traverse 45 000 kilometers through 28 countries over 12 months as she traveled around the Mother continent in a clockwise direction. A mammoth journey of self-discovery with the purpose of fighting against her own battle with mental illness. Jo has suffered from Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Complex-PTSD, and chronic suicidality from a very young age. An eight-time suicide attempt survivor, she has dedicated her life to understanding the inner workings of the mind by studying the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry. 


Jo talks very candidly about her own struggles with mental illness and is a prolific advocate for the destigmatization of those suffering from mental illness. 


In her talks Jo draws from her extensive personal experience and wide field of knowledge to empower her audience with research-based tools and techniques on living with, and overcoming mental health struggles.


After completing her journey around the continent, she served as the first female global brand ambassador to one of the most luxurious vehicle brands in the world, BMW. Traveling to Germany, Spain, and Thailand in service of sharing her story with different audiences. 


She has been named one of the most influential women in motorcycling in the internationally published book: “The MotoLady's Book of Women Who Ride: Motorcycle Heroes, Trailblazers & Record-Breakers”.


Author of the book: “Woman Alone Around Africa”, Jo’s greatest passion in life is living in the service of others through sharing her extensive personal experience and knowledge built up over more than two decades on all things relating to mental health, motivation, and personal development. 


Today, more than ever before, the importance of our mental health both in our personal and professional lives has taken center stage. Jo dedicates most of her time working as a mental health coach to clients from all over the world, developing and presenting mental health training courses to both individuals and corporations, and volunteering her services as a mental health coach to underserved communities through her Non-profit organization: Mending Minds. 


At 8 years of age, Jo knew that she wanted to grow up to become a scientist and win a Nobel prize. Now, at the doorstep of her fourth decade on this planet, Jo is studying towards entering medical school and specializing as a psychiatrist to help others overcome their own mental health struggles. 


Keynote Talk Topics:

  • The importance of maintaining one’s mental health both in your personal and professional life

  • Compassionate leadership in the workplace

  • Resilience : the art of bouncing back

  • Conquering your fears to live your best life

  • Thriving in an environment of change

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